Welcome - Velkommen !

My home satellite activity on QO100/Oscar100, and home equipment


1.5m focal aluminum TV-dish up                                       Helix Feed 13cm 4.5 turns, Gain 6-7dB


Back side, waterproof box (AC/DC)                             Transverter 13cm, 2W SG-lab


Kenwood TR-851E, 4W 30m RG-213                           SDR-play to my PC


1,2m aluminum TV-dish down                                        My first LNB, not modified but ok


Power splitter to LNB 12V                                                And in to SDR-play

SDR-play on PC

Link my youtube video:

Search the TV-channels on the QO100 / Oskar-100 ham satellite on the 26th east.